California Media Company may be a small business for now, but we are the most popular leading video and audio equipment dealer in the nation. We provide the highest quality media hardware to video production and broadcasting companies as well as government agencies. We also offer our production customers rental opportunities. Our company motto is, "All things video! What you need, when and where you need it"! California Media Company holds true to this declaration every day, to every customer. We promise to provide you the highest quality equipment, wherever you need it, and always in a timely fashion.

Before they do business with us, most of our customers are already linked to us in some way. If you have ever seen the large video cameras above you at SeaWorld or if you’ve ever played a Nintendo, most likely we have been or still are involved with them in some capacity. We also service other companies you’re probably familiar with like Sony Computer Entertainment, Yahoo!, Apple, Verbatim, Panasonic, and much more. We’re also the number one choice for production and media for the Bay Area.

Every one of our employees are certified and authorized under California Media Solutions to make sure that we are delivering top quality products to every client. What sets us apart from other media and production companies is that we have high-quality equipment at competitively low prices. Not only do we deliver excellent equipment, we also provide excellent customer services as well. Free ground shipping on all orders keeps your overall cost low.
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