Skype™ has changed the way we communicate all over the world. Millions of people use Skype everyday to share their lives with each other. This includes live programs, performances, and webinars. The two most common ways of using this service are by video conferencing and voice calling. Unfortunately, every now and then there are glitches and communication is interrupted. We have an incredible device to remedy this situation called the VS-100 Talk Show Video Calling system by NewTek™.

What the system does is integrate skype calls into live web/television broadcasts. It already comes with the Skype TX software installed. Now video producers and programs can air live with full frame Skype video without the fear of interrupted service.. Producers are able to use advanced techniques to present high-quality video and sound. Have you ever watched a video where the person is talking, but the sound is not lining up with their mouth? It can be frustrating. Our Talk Show Video Calling system will allow you to communicate in “real-time” without any lag.

By producing this network-style of broadcasting, we are helping people build their audiences extremely fast. Classrooms, corporate business communications and many areas of entertainment are able to present and capture high-quality live video. Even with our Panasonic HD camcorders, picture has never looked better on the Skype application. Pair full HD camcorders together with our NewTek VS-100 Talk Show Video Calling system today and get the most out of your video. Shop CalMediaSolutions now!